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Developer to flip Bobs Candies

August 15, 2007

Albany-  A developer is spending hundreds of thousands of dollar to rehabilitate a long-time Albany industry that closed nearly two years ago.

Just six weeks ago Silagi Development and Management bought the old Bobs Candies Building on Oakridge Drive. When Bobs closed in October 2005, nearly 250 people lost their jobs. Now, crews are painting the building and the new owners plan a massive rehab project they hope will attract a new tenant.

Each stroke of paint seems to breath new life into the Bobs Candies building that's been lifeless for nearly two years.

"We had to prune the trees in front they'd been neglected, looked like for a couple of years, and the grass was in bad condition basically just general landscaping to make it look nice," said Bill Lance, Silagi Facilities Manager.

The building is getting a complete makeover both inside and out with the goal of attracting a new tenant.

"We'll be removing this mezzanine back to your rear, a lot of the units and the floor space back here basically trying to maximize ceiling height and floor space to make it desirable for a tenant to come in," said Lance.

The company has a history of transforming eyesores into successful projects.

"Silagi Investments is a company that has a reputation for being able to do positive things with abandoned properties, abandoned buildings," said Tim Martin, Albany Chamber of Commerce CEO.

Silagi will retain ownership of the building and lease space to tenants. The developer says it could be one tenant or they could subdivide. They've already had some interest in the newest addition on the back of the building.

"They have confidence in our economy, they have confidence in our workforce, they wouldn't be making that considerable investment in time and energy and effort if they didn't believe in Albany Georgia," said Martin.

A confidence that once this building is transformed, new business and jobs will follow.

An Atlanta based firm working with Silagi will be in town Thursday to take aerial pictures of the building to assist with the marketing campaign.



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