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Retailers gather recalled toys

August 15, 2007

Albany --
Protecting your family from dangerous products seems like a full time job these days as recalls are ordered on common items from food to toys.

The latest major toy recall covered nine million Mattel toys that included lead paint or tiny magnets that children could swallow.

So how do the stores react when a recall notice comes down to make sure your kids stay safe?

At Roses in East Albany, there are thousands upon thousands of toys; a lot to go through when employees here are informed of a recall. But the toys they had that were included in that huge Mattel toy recall, have been stripped from the shelves and are now ready to be sent back to the manufacturer.

"We want to get it off as soon as possible so it doesn't cause any hazard or any damage or anything like that," says Asst. Store Manager Tanda Sneed.

Sneed says the process is immediate. When the recall notice is sent, the toys are snapped up and away from kids. "As soon as we get that email, we're asked to go ahead and pull those items from the shelves."

Some recalls involve toys with small parts that come off and could pose a choking hazard, as many packages already warn of. But this latest recall involved lead, a toxic chemical. It's often found in toys made outside America, like China.

Sometimes on the back of a product, it will actually say if there is lead in that item or not. This one didn't though. It actually says it meets certain safety requirements.

Lead is commonly found in cheap jewelry, and although it's meant to be worn, kids could stick the jewelry in their mouths. They can get lead poisoning and can even die.

"If there's a safety issue or a health issue, then we are thinking about our customers and people and the kids that actually play with the toys first. That's our main concern," Sneed said.

Lead is more dangerous for children than adults, because it affects developing nerves and brains. The younger the child, the more harmful.

If you're not sure if a toy you have in your home is safe, the Consumer Product Safety Commission keeps a record of all Product Recalls .