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Council on Aging helps elderly beat the heat

August 15, 2007

Albany -- With temperatures around 100, being outside can be unsafe. But being inside a home without air conditioning can be just as dangerous.

An electric fan blowing full blast is hardly enough to keep 82-year-old Dora Sapp cool on this mid August Day. "It's been a very hot summer. Everyday it's been the same thing. Over a hundred degrees," she said.

Until today, her south Albany home has been without air conditioning for some time. Now, her room will be cooler thanks to AC units donated to the SOWEGA Council on Aging.

"We decide to do something to make their lives more comfortable," says Connie Hooper of the SOWEGA Council on Aging. 

Adell Webb is one of seven people who new A/C units today. "Honest to God, it's hot. For my age, it's really hot," said Webb.

It is so hot inside her home, even with a fan blowing, she still sweats. Webb, like scores of elderly south Georgians, has been without air conditioning the entire summer.

With temperatures expected to get back into the triple digits, for the first time in weeks, 84 years old Lonnie Mitchell will have air conditioning. "They asked me on the phone if I could use an air conditioner. I said, 'What do you mean could I use one? I'm burning up already!'"

Mitchell had spent days inside his home with temperatures reaching the 90's in his living room. His new remote controlled air conditioner will provide him with some long awaited relief.

While the A/C units couldn't cool the warm smiles of a thankful Adell Webb, at least now warm homes can be cooled thanks to generous donors.

But still, more help is needed.  "There are lots of elderly people that could use air conditioning. The ones they could plug into the units in their homes," says Hooper. 

Perhaps someone could become your biggest fan, if you simply donate an A/C unit to someone in need. If you are interested in volunteering or donating an AC unit, contact the SOWEGA Council on Aging at 432-1124.


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