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Shelters open to take cover from heat

August 14, 2007

Albany - - With another day of 100 degree heat Tuesday and heat indices up around 110, many South Georgians are looking for places to beat the dangerous heat.

In Albany, city leaders and service agencies are offering public shelters for anyone who needs a cool place to relax during the heat of the day. 

As we walked into the SOWEGA Council on Aging Tuesday afternoon, a good Samaritan donated seven air conditioning units.

"We're going to give them to some of our clients that don't have air conditioning," says Director Kay Hind.

She says there are plenty of other people who still have to battle the blazing heat, especially senior citizens.

"The heat affects older people."

So the Council is opening the doors of it's two senior centers this summer to anyone needing to take a break from the heat. You can go to their 311 Pine Avenue location or to Malone Towers on Flint and Jefferson Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 PM.

"It's just plain hot," adds Emergency Management Director Jim Vaught.

Even the city of Albany is offering some relief. The Bill Miller Community Center, Carver Sports Center, Henderson Community Center, Thornton Community Center and Turner Gym will welcome anyone who wants to enjoy some air conditioning weekdays beginning at 3:30 in the afternoon.

"It's just a matter of going into the gymnasium. If you're not next to a gymnasium, we recommend maybe going over to the mall or take in a movie in the heat of the afternoon if you can possibly do that. But just a way to get out of the elements so you can reduce that body temperature and be a little safer," Vaught says.

Both Vaught and Hind encourage you to play it safe in the heat - drink plenty of water, dress lightly and avoid heavy meals.

"There's just lots of things that can help you get through this. It {the heat} is going to pass," Hind says. 

But with the way it feels outside, you may be asking 'how long?'

Hind says the SOWEGA Council on Aging could use more small air conditioners to give to seniors. If you want to help, just bring donations to their office at 1105 Palmyra road.  


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