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Back to the grind for ASU students

August 14, 2007

Albany--  It's back to the familiar walk along the path for many Albany State University students. Jonathan Moutrey is taking that stroll for the first time, and it's a heavy one.

"I'm doing 16 hours. I think that's a lot for a freshman but I think I can handle it," said Moutrey.

He hopes the work load will help land him his dream job. His major is business. "I plan to start my own record company," said Moutrey.

ASU leaders say he came to the right place. "Albany State is a unique place for students in that what we do here is help students realize their potential to become leaders," said Sophia Glover.

Last year they enrolled a record number of future leaders. Director of University Communications Sophia Glover says that number was just under 4,000.

"We're trending positively again this year although the official enrollment numbers aren't available," said Glover. On Tuesday, students still continued to register for classes and get ready for a long semester. Some like senior Charmaine Simmons say been there, done that.

"I kind of know the routine by now so it's nothing new to me right now," said Simmons. So a future teacher offers this advice to new students-- Stay focused on the books.

"Because the more they know, the easier it will be," said Simmons.

"A lot of people graduated from this school so I just hope I'll be the next one," said Moutrey.

Jonathan knows he has a long road ahead but has business dreams and family as motivation. "They wanted me to try so hard and I wanted to make them proud," said Moutrey.

He took the first step to his goals on his first day of college.    



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