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Child resource agency unaffected by toy recall

August 14, 2007

Albany -- Another huge toy recall tonight from Mattel.

Millions of toys made in China are dangerous because of small magnets and lead paint.

The agency that provides toys to childcare agencies in South Georgia keeps an eye out for recalls to make sure children aren't given dangerous toys.

"First and foremost we will be as proactive as we can be if there is a recall. We have a toy lending library, and to ensure that we do not have any toys or products on a recall list, the first step we would take is to check our inventory," says Soraya Miller of Child Care Resource & Referral.

So far, the agency hasn't found any recalled toys in its supply. CCR&R of Southwest Georgia says its protocol is to send E-mails to their clients to inform them of any toy recalls, even if their supply has not been affected.