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Man fends off pit bull with ball bat

August 14, 2007

Albany -- An East Albany man beat a pit bull with a baseball bat after it attacked his dog in his yard Monday morning. The pit bull's owner has been cited with vicious dog charges, but he says the other dog's owner went too far to stop the attack.

Robert Parker admits his 4-year-old pit bull Doc slipped off this chain Monday in front of his home on Moultrie Road, and immediately ran more than 100 yards to attack his neighbor's dog.  "I understand what he done was wrong, and I am liable for anything he does," Parker said.

With Parker running trying to stop the charging pit bull, it charged Marian Messer and David Brown's lab Buster, which was helpless.  "My dog can not get out of the yard. There is an electric fence in the yard," Messer said.

Brown said this is the sixth time in two years his dog has been attacked by other dogs, and grabbed a baseball bat to protect Buster.  "He knew what was fixing to happen, cause he saw the dog coming. He tried to get up under the trailer over yonder," Brown said.

The pit bull was locked on the lab's groin when he hit him in the head with the baseball bat. "Finally got the dog away from Buster, and he turned on me. And I kept hitting him with the baseball bat," Brown said.

That's why Parker is upset, he says Brown was right to protect his pet, but he says Brown hit his pit bull Doc at least five more times in the head after he was down and the attack over. "The dog was lying there and couldn't even move. I thought he was dead after the second or third hit. He just continued to hit the dog," Parker said.

"I hit him five or six times with the baseball bat as hard as I could to stop him," Brown said. Both the dogs are now at the same East Albany vet's hospital, and both are expected to recover. Parker was cited for vicious dog by Police.

The two men admit they don't like each other. Parker says Brown should not have beaten his dog so viciously. Marian  Messer says the pit bull should not be in a neighborhood with pets and children. "Yes they are fighting dogs, because they went straight in the yard and attacked him. Straight to him. The first thing they do is grab at his neck and his groin," Messer said.

 "If that would have been a child.... We have grand children come here everyday after the school bus," Brown said.

Parker says his dog is not vicious, nor has been trained to fight, and he does not know what he will do with Doc if he is released to return to his home.

Robert Parker will have to go before a judge later in August to answer to the dog charges, and Doc's fate could be decided there.



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