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Thomasville condos under construction

August 14, 2007

Thomasville-- At Tuesday morning's Historic Preservation committee meeting, Mitchell House Project architect John Tennison laid out some slight changes in plans.  But he told the committee so far, the project looks good.  "It's going very well. We're very close to our original schedule," Tennison says.

The building is a cornerstone of downtown Thomasville's history.  The project will stay true to the building's past, while incorporating it into modern day life.  "The redevelopment of the Mitchell house is going to be a wonderful addition to what's already pretty terrific," Tennison says.

Everyone is optimistic about what the Mitchell House condos will do for the downtown area when they're complete.  But what about all the shopkeepers who have to endure the construction that's going on right now?

Owner of Savannah Moon Bakery & Café, Ben Golden says, "every once in a while you'll hear some pounding up there or something will fall, and it startles you more than anything."

Savannah Moon is located directly under Mitchell house construction. They say the process is a slight inconvenience but it hasn't hurt their business.  "The first week and everything the scaffolding was going up and it was mess out there but people still came in to eat," Golden says.

"Obviously its an inconvenience for them, we've tried to make it as painless as possible," explains Tennison.  And for the most part it has been.  "The guys working out here are making an effort to keep it swept down and that kind of thing, make sure its clean and things are picked up," agrees Golden.  One good-spirited shopkeeper even put a manequin in their store window donning a hard hat.

Most stores are willing to put up with the headaches now, and hope to see a boost in business down the road.  The first part of the projects, 6 lofts are scheduled to be finished by the end of the year, with 24 condos to follow in March or April of next year.