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Health District begins door-to-door canvas

August 14, 2007

Albany -- Albany health officials will go door to door today to warn people about West Nile Virus, and show them how to protect themselves.

Last year Dougherty County had three cases of West Nile Virus, including the only death from the disease reported in the state.

This morning a group with Southwest District's Public Health will knock on doors in South Albany.

The teams will be wearing red, public health vests and they will be out canvassing neighborhoods in areas deemed the most at-risk, and educating about West Nile and conducting homes assessments.

"If they have birdbaths, or things like that, be sure to keep those clean. Get rid of old tires and turn over any open containers and things that they may have that might have stagnant water and breed mosquitoes," said Jacqueline Jenkins, an Epidemiologist Southwest District Public Health.

On Saturday, local health officials, along with county and city representatives, will be at the C. W. Heath Park from 8 to 11 AM for the "West Nile Virus Prevention and Education Day."

They will answer concerns, and give out insect repellant.

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