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Three-county chase stems from robbery

August 13, 2007

Bainbridge -- A Mitchell county man is behind bars, facing charges in two counties. Twenty year old Joshua T. White is suspected of robbing a Mitchell county convenience store and then eluding deputies in Thomas, Grady, and Decatur counties.

It was Decatur deputies who finally caught him almost seven hours after the robbery. 

It started here where Pelham police say Josh White grabbed over $600 out of the cash register around 10:30 Saturday night and headed toward Thomas county. It's unclear just what happened during the next several hours but just after 5 a.m. Decatur deputies joined the search.

"We saw headlights approaching on 97 coming from Mitchell county and it was him, it was a silver pickup," said Dep. Nick Godwin of the Decatur County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies tried to pull him over but instead White sped up to almost 100 miles an hour driving south on highway 97 until he turned off onto a dirt road, the same way grady deputies lost him.

Deputies didn't want to cause additional damage while he crashed through people's fences and lawns they briefly lost sight of him when he headed down this dead end dirt road. It wasn't long before another when he met back up with the highway.

"My supervisor, Corporal Singleton, he threw out a set of spike strips and he had just enough time to deploy the spike strips and dive out the way before the vehicle passed," said Godwin.

Those stop sticks managed to deflate one of White's tires, but he kept on driving.

"Myself and Deputy Black searched the area and Deputy Black spotted him behind a residence on Vada road," said Godwin.

The suspect tried to get away on foot but surrendered when deputies drew there guns and he knew he'd been caught. Deputies say it was a combination of the stop sticks and the number of deputies working together that led to his arrest.

"I believe he turned down a dirt road trying to lose us as well. He thought it might work twice, but it didn't."

In Decatur county White will face charges on fleeing, attempting to elude and a number of traffic charges. The amount of damaged property will also result in a felony charge.

Pelham police say they're already working out arrangements for White to be returned to Mitchell county where he'll face charges of robbery by snatching.



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