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Cabin fever in the dog days?

August 13, 2007

Albany --  Much the same as cold weather can keep you cooped up inside, so can all this heat. With temperatures topping the century mark almost everyday lately, the only place most of us want to be is inside in the A/C, but does that leave you feeling a little blue?  

We all know that high temps can leave you dizzy and dehydrated, but can they also make you depressed? "People get a little more agitated, they get a little more down, they get a little more frustrated about that," said Clinical Psychologist Dr. Nick Carden.

With all this heat, you may be forced to stay inside at a time of year when most of us planned to be on the go. "It's kind of the straw that breaks the camels back," Carden said. "They're already sort of agitated or they're already sort of fed up to the fact that they can't do anything and when they try to do something and it doesn't go right and they have to adjust to it, they are already agitated to the point that it kind of spills over and that's what makes it a little more difficult."

Difficult as it may be, Tom Long decided to brave the heat so his grandchildren could get in some good play time, but his time outdoors will be brief.   He said, "It's just brutal. It's really not much escape unless you hide inside."

Which is pretty much the only option to avoid the heat, unless maybe you bury your head in a fountain, an option you may want to consider because,   "Looks like we have another week of it coming," said Long.

But instead of feeling blue and battered and bubbling over with heat and frustration, Long says it's best to just take things in stride.   "It's there, God gave it to us so we've got to bare with it the best we can with as much common sense as possible."  

Dr. Carden agrees you should try to take things in stride, and focus on things you can change, since weather isn't one of them.

One other note about these grueling temperatures: In addition to making you feel bad both physically and perhaps mentally, the high heat can also lessen your productivity at work, so tell your boss you have a valid excuse.  


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