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Severe damage caused by severe thunderstorms

August 12, 2007

Ben Hill County -- It was gone before anyone could have even prepared for it. "I was on the computer, I heard the thunder and lightening and than the rain came and than it was gone right after that," said Isom B. Harmon III.

But there's plenty of proof that it was here. "Had a lot of trees down, power lines down, had some roofs that were actually damaged," said Ben Hill Sheriff, Bobby McLemore.

Saturday's afternoon storm caused havoc across much of Ben Hill county. "It hit us. It hit us hard. We had winds of over 60 miles an hour. We got some hail. We had a lot of rain," said McLemore.

"The wind was real bad, and the rain was coming down like sheets," said Harmon.

Officers were busy much of the evening helping with the clean-up and keeping everyone safe. "When a storm like this comes through, the biggest problem we have is trees down in the road and power lines down. So we have to block off roads and control traffic," said McLemore.

During the storm, a tree fell over Isom Harmon's car port, damaging his roof. But he is just happy to come out unharmed. "If I would have come out to move that screen door it would have been me under the damage with the car," said Harmon.

Through all the chaos no one was injured during yesterday's severe storm. When severe storms are forecast for your area you should move indoors to a room with no windows. People living in mobile homes should try to go to a safer, more stable building.


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