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Darton golf reloads

August 12, 2007

Albany -- The Darton College golf team has won the last three national championships, but that doesn't mean the Cavaliers are ready to let someone else have a chance.

Darton has brought in another strong freshmen class this season, and the new additions are looking to keep the streak alive.

The Cavaliers welcome in five new players this year, including the #2 ranked golfer in the state.

Head coach Dale Dover says, "We're looking forward to it. I think there's a lot of talent in this years class."

The Cavaliers have won three-straight national titles, and that can put a little pressure on the incoming freshmen class.

Ridge Purcell says, "I mean, of course there's pressure, but you just have to put it behind you and play some golf."

"It makes you play better. You gotta play good," Evan Hanna adds, with a laugh.

Every member of the freshmen class hails from Georgia, and the golfers have had plenty of competition against each other in tournaments around the state.

Aaron Elrod says, "We got a good class. Not only good golfers, but we're good buddies, and good guys, so that's going to help out a lot."

Head coach Dale Dover says recruiting golfers from the Peach State has worked pretty well.

"We've won three national championships, and that's five players per year, per championship," says Dover. "Fourteen of them have been from the state of Georgia. We tend to lean towards the Georgia kids. Lot of talent in the state of Georgia."

The freshmen are looking to turn that talent into another national title for Darton.

Hanna says, "It should be fun. Three national championships in a row. Hopefully we can get a fourth."

Purcell adds, "Strong class coming in, got a lot of expectations. Three straight national championships, hope it's gonna be five."

The freshmen have some lofty goals.

Darton coach Dale Dover has been named National Coach of the Year each of the past three seasons.

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