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Beat the heat with a bite to eat

August 11, 2007

Albany -- As the temperatures outside got hotter and hotter today, it appeared that around the Albany area that heat and summer time treats went hand in hand.

No matter where you were today in Southwest Georgia, the heat was hard to hide from.

As temperatures soared into the triple digits, the Dombrowski family took haven from the heat inside Two Scoops Gelato & Pastry for none other than the ice cream.

Nine year old Mason McGeehan whose Oreo ice cream was melting faster than he could eat it, expressed a statement felt and said by many today, "it's hot!"

And hot it was indeed, according to Two Scoops Manager Deidra Johnson, it's almost been too hot for ice cream.

She said, "When summer first hit we saw an increase in business. But lately, with the temperatures being quite so hot, it's hurting business because they're not as many people in the park or in the downtown area. "

In the case you were looking for a summer snack that wouldn't melt in the outdoor oven, why not try a watermelon. Even better if it's served to you by the 2007 Georgia Watermelon Queen Bittanie Faircloth.

"92% of watermelon is water, so it's great for these hot summer days," said Faircloth.

While you may not think of it as a way to cool down, bar-b-que enthusiast were out in full force today taking part in John Boy and Billy's Backyard Bar-B-Que Competition. "

Defending backyard bar-b-que champions Joe Brim and his cook off team didn't let the heat get in the way of defending their title.

"It's 104 degree man. It's lovely. It's nice and hot out here but this is wonderful, just to be out here and cook this bar-b-que. The heat ain't nothing," said Brim.

As for chowing down in triple digit temps, well perhaps that can best be explained by Willie Williams.  He said,  "It's good summertime food despite the heat."

Southern Cookin', southern eatin', uninterrupted by hot summertime weather.

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