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Heat Advisory brings everyone indoors

August 10, 2007

Dougherty County -- The heat wave is forcing folks to alter their weekend plans. The high temperatures has a lot of people running indoors. "I normally mow the lawns in the evening but it has been so hot that I have put it off," said Mark Raughton.

"The biggest thing is me and my son. We can't really go outside and he is a toddler. Its just to hot," said Albany Tech student, Vanessa Stevens.

Even a major racing event that brought drivers from over 40 counties had to be postponed. Engines roared on the track Friday evening as drivers expecting to compete Saturday had to settle for a practice run.

"Due to the extreme heat tomorrow we decided to cancel it," said US 19 Drag way owner, John Baldwin. "The reason being its suppose to be over 100 degrees tomorrow with over 110 heat index."

Though the drivers who were suppose to compete race all year; it's still a heart breaker. "It's something that takes up all of our time," said drag racer, Zach Mentzer. "We live and breathe racing, I mean that is all we do."

But the possible dangers involved with the high temperatures tomorrow just isn't worth the risk even for drag racers. "We are an NAHR certified race track and that comes with certain guidelines, mainly drivers wearing fire suits. And when they have it on and are in a little car, its going to get hot," said Baldwin.

"We'll be in the car for as long as 45 minutes to an hour and it gets really hot. We go through tons of water," said Mentzer.

But the cancellation isn't just  for the drivers. "They stand for seven or eight hours in this heat and there is not any shade. It gets real hard on the employees," said Baldwin.

The intense heat will also make the track worse. "Tomorrow the asphalt on the track will reach 140 degrees. When it gets that hot, it will bring the oil out of the track and make it slick," said  Baldwin.

So for now the drivers will just have to wait for the competition. Now, some of the drivers who were planning to race came as far as Alabama and Florida. Tomorrow's races were rescheduled and will be held in two weeks.

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