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Backman is Peanuts' skipper again

August 10, 2007

Albany -- Wally Backman resigned as manager of the South Georgia Peanuts Tuesday.

On Friday, he was back.  

The South Coast League calls itself an organization of second chances, and Backman reclaimed his spot on the South Georgia bench.

Both the manager and the league say they're ready to move forward.

Former and current Peanuts Manager Wally Backman left the team earlier in the week, after being very outspoken with league procedures, specifically the drug-testing policy.

"You know, there were some mistakes," says Backman. "I went after Rob DeSantis pretty hard, who's one of the league medical guys. I didn't agree with some of the things, and probably could have done that a little differently."

It was Backman making the calls to the league office yesterday to try to repair the damage.

South Coast League Jamie Toole says, "It was a great move on Wally's part, to extend the olive branch, if you will, and move forward. We're happy to be here, this is good for the league."

Toole says the league has no regrets with the way things have turned out.

"We were pleased Tuesday, leaving, the direction we were going in," says Toole.  "We're gonna be pleased today with where we're going. We feel Wally is ready to work in the parameters, and has mutual respect for what we are trying to accomplish."

Toole says with his skills signing players and getting them promoted to Major League organizations, having Backman in the fold is great for the South Coast League.

"Here in my seat, does having Wally Backman help us meet out goals? The answer is yes," says Toole.

Backman says he'll be with the team in 2008 as well, and is happy to be back in the South Georgia Dugout.

"The ones that were going to be hurt the most, were the players and the fans of Albany. We worked out our differences, and I think we can go forward and try to win a championship for Albany," says Backman.

The South Coast League also announced a new program called, "Backman's Bunch," where fifty tickets to each game are donated to Non-Profit organizations throughout the South Georgia Area.


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