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Fish don't like drought either

August 10, 2007

Albany --  The drought has nearly drained streams and creeks across south Georgia. Now fishermen say it's keeping the fish from biting too.

In 14 southwest Georgia counties, record breaking temperatures and scarce rainfall led to drought conditions that are expected only every 100 years. That means record low stream flows.

The Flint River at Bainbridge is at a record low. Dougherty, Baker, and Terrell are just some of the counties experiencing exceptional drought conditions that left many people fishing the Flint River with empty buckets.

"Usually when it's shallow they try to stay out in the middle. Try to keep in the cool water out in the deep," said Fisherman Chris Owens.

"Not even a bit. The heat's stressing them out," said angler Hull Atwater.

 J. C. House got lucky. He caught two fish, but he said the fish aren't biting as much because of the low water. The severe drought conditions are expected to last for another couple of months.


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