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Berrien sheriff resigns after guilty plea

August 10, 2007

Nashville  --  Berrien County Sheriff Jerry Brogdon resigned Friday, effective immediately after pleading guilty to a federal gun charge.  "I pled to one count of transfer of a firearm to a convicted felon," he says.

According to court records, the Berrien County Sheriff's Office arrested a Leonard Gray after a shootout in 1997.  Gray was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon based on a prior conviction for Filing False Tax Returns. 

When the charges were dropped, Brogdon gave the gun back.  "I returned the weapon and that's a violation of the law to return a weapon to a conviction felon."

Gray was arrested again in 2003 for aggravated assault charges and the gun was found in his pocket. 

Brogdon says the resignation was voluntary and felt it would be best for his family and the department.  "I regret that I did that.  I'm embarrassed about it but life goes on and you have to face up to actions that you take and I've done that."

And hopes his one mistake won't outshine his nearly 25 years of service.  "I hope people will look back and look at all the good that's been done while I was here.  Not just this one incident but the whole picture," he adds.

Brogdon says Coroner Bob Loven will takeover until a special election can be held.  No word yet when that might be. 

Brogdon will receive full retirement.  He will be sentenced later this year.



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