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100 degrees and they're golfing?

August 9, 2007

Albany - You'd have to be crazy to play golf in this heat, right? And one guy says, yep, he is.

 89-year old B.F. McKinney and his buddies shot a round at Flint River golf course Thursday morning. In fact, several groups were out on the course today.

He said, "My wife told me to stay home this morning, but she was going to play bridge and I didn't want to stay home and watch TV by myself, so I came out with Mr. James and Mr. Schramm and some other stupid people." "We enjoy the game and the fellowship. We're crazy enough to play golf," said Lee James.

The group does make sure to drink plenty of cold water when out on the course and after today's game said they planned to stay inside for the rest of the day and watch sports on TV, rather than participating in anymore outdoor activities.

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