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Vets concerned about pets in record heat

August 9, 2007

Albany -- It's not just people that can be hurt by the heat. You need to watch out for your pets during this heat wave.

 Veterinarians say this extreme heat and humidity can overcome a dog or cat in just minutes, especially during activity.

Dogs and cats don't sweat, they pant to cool themselves off. If you see your pet panting more vigorously than usual,  they could be overheated. Veterinarian Dr. Ira Roth said  "Left untreated and not being able to bring that body temperature down quick enough, you get devastating results. In swelling of the brain, seizure activity, just about every organ system in the body will be affected."

Dr. Roth says make sure your pets have plenty of water and shade at all times.

 He also warns dog owners about cool packs sold in pet stores. They're cold plastic packages that dogs lie on to cool off. Roth says those packs can be deadly if the animal chews on them.


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