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Your AC is doing the best it can

August 9, 2007

Albany -- If your air conditioning unit is working, you might want to give it a kiss, because so many of them are crashing during this record heat. Air conditioning repair workers are working long hours to try to keep South Georgians cool.  

Temperatures well over 100º and a heat index over 110º has Safe Aire Heating and Cooling Service Technician Nate Amos working another 12 hour day. "I don't remember it ever being this hot, but I say that every year," Amos said.

The stifling South Georgia heat has overwhelmed air conditioners, many of them are dying under the strain. "Most of the failures from the heat are the condenser fan motors and capacitors.  They really can't stand up to it.  We've been putting a lot of those in.  That's due to the heat," Amos said.

Air conditioners are not made to handle the kind of temperatures we are seeing this week.  That's why you may not think your unit is working correctly.
"About 95º to 100º and that's pushing it.  But they are not really made to handle it when it gets up to 106 degrees, and the humidity like it is."

Safe Aire managers are worried about their employees' health, working out in the heat trying to repair air conditioners.  Some units are in attics or on roofs, and technicians can only spend minutes working there. "It's 140º to 150º in an attic.  You can get hot and don't even realize it.  We come down and take a ten minute break, get some water, and then crawl back in there again,"Amos said.

Amos says people are always glad to see him, and appreciate him when he gets their air conditioner running again.  This week as he soon as he finishes a job, it's a good feeling to head for the next call. "It's always on the ride to the next house.  You turn on the air conditioner in the truck.  Give you a break till you get to the next one."

And this week Amos said there seems to be no end to the number of air conditioners that have conked out under the strain of the South Georgia heat wave.  Experts say it's a good idea to get you air conditioner serviced before the hottest part of the season.


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