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Too hot to cut off non-payers

August 9, 2007

Thomasville -- People who are behind on their utility bill payments in Thomasville are getting a break. Their electricity won't be cut off because it's just too hot and dangerous for them to be without it.

With scorching temperatures like we're enduring sometimes the only relief you can get it is inside with the a/c or at least a ceiling fan.  But what if you just can't pay your power bill?

"If the temperature is forecasted to be 95º or above, then we don't do cutouts on those days," said Asst. City Manager Lynn Williams.

Assistant city manager Lynn Williams says the policy has been in place for a number of years but rarely has to been used, except in extreme circumstances.

"There've been a few other days where we haven't done cutouts for this reason, but this has been such an extended period of warm weather."

 And sitting inside a house with no power in weather like this is downright dangerous. "With it being as warm as it is, we feel like its important that all of our customers are protected from the heat."

Williams says many times it's just a case of customers forgetting to pay their bill. "During this time, we also do notifys to let them know 'hey, your bill needs to be paid.'"

And for those who need a few extra days to get the money together, for now they're spared. "We do what we can to keep the electricity on and keep their power on, even if they haven't payed their bill."

But once the forecast drops below 95º, if you haven't paid your bill you'll be out of luck. 
Thomasville Utilities has a similar policy in the winter time.  If sub-freezing temperatures are forecast, utilities won't be turned off.

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