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Heat and asthma don't mix

August 8, 2007

Albany--  If you're having trouble breathing on these hot, humid, and hazy days, you're not alone.

Already this week, doctors at Ablany's Allergy and Asthma Clinics of Georgia office have seen about 25 more patients than normal. Common complaints are tightness of the chest, difficulty breathing and wheezing.

People with asthma or chronic respiratory problems should be extra cautious when temperatures hit 95 and above.

"If you've got asthma, emphysema or chronic respiratory problems, be sure to take your inhaled medications, your control or maintenance medications. Fill your lungs on a regular, consistent basis. That's very, very important," said Dr. Tracy Bridges.

People should also stay indoors as much as possible. Try only to go out in the early or late hours. Dr. Bridges says complaints are similar to those they heard in June when smoke from the wildfires plagued our area.

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