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Extreme heat is tough on cars

 August 8, 2007

 Lee County --  Three cars with dead batteries were taken into Gillionville Auto Repair before 11:00 AM. The heat can cause the plates in the batteries to separate.

The heat is also affecting electrical components, computer chips, and cooling fan motors.

Mechanics says it's important to make sure you're vehicle's fluids are adequate.  

"Always make sure you have the right amount of coolant in your radiator. You should run a 50/50 mixture that keep your car from overheating and flush your cooling system and keep fresh coolant in it so it keeps it from rusting and you get the full affect from it," said Wes Taliaferro of Gillionville Auto Repair.  

 Hotter temperatures can also force a blow out if your tires aren't maintained.

If you have low tread or low tire pressure the tires can't properly disperse the heat from the roadway.    

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