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South Georgia sees record heat, record power consumption

August 7, 2007

Albany--  Albany's high temperature reached a record 106-degrees Tuesday. It hasn't been that hot here since it got to 107 one day in 1980, the hottest day ever recorded in Albany.

While you do your best to stay cool this week, be prepared for a possible shock when you get your bill next month. Georgia Power set an all-time power consumption record Monday and expected to top it Tuesday.

Albany Water, Gas and Light individual power usage is also up this week but there are ways to prevent your bill from skyrocketing. Keep your thermostat set to 78 degrees. For every degree below that temperature, you raise your bill 3-percent. Also keep your ceiling fans set to low.  It can keep the temperatures and moisture down in your home.

"The other big abuser that people do is they don't clean their air filters. They need to be changed or cleaned at least once a month. That makes a big difference otherwise you're just air-conditioning dirt in your unit," said Lorie Farkas with Water, Gas and Light.

As long as temperatures stay over 100-degrees, Water, Gas and Light decided Tuesday they will not disconnect service for non-payment. But if you don't pay on time, remember your bill will be higher when you do have to pay it.  



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