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Consolidation shouldn't apply to WG&L

August 7, 2007

Albany - An Albany city commissioner says if local governments consolidate, revenue generated by Water, gas and light should not benefit people who aren't WG&L customers.

Commissioners have resumed discussing the consolidated charter. During Tuesday's meeting, Commissioner Tommy Postell said it wouldn't be fair to allow residents in the county to benefit from WG&L revenues if the city and county governments combined. "I think that it's only fair that the revenue that's generated from water, gas and light, is basically from the city because water, gas and light can not give services to the county, because the county issues theirs from Georgia Power and Mitchell," he said. Postell believes the money generated from WG&L should only benefit those in the urban area, now known as the city.

Another possibility discussed was that only ratepayers get the benefit of revenues generated by the utility. Neither of those options is likely to happen because County commissioners previously voted not to move ahead with consolidation.



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