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No cool air for some students in this school

August 6, 2007

Albany -- Classrooms have been prepped and a welcome flag is up ready to greet excited school children at the door Tuesday morning.

But for 120 students with classrooms on this hall, it will be hard to keep cool in school.

"Well unfortunately, we had a problem with the manufacturer of the air condition units, " said Principal Catherine Whitfield. "They were not delivered as promised. All of this work should have been completed and done for the summer, which is what we planned for."

And with this week's high temperatures, it will definitely be a hot. "They've had all summer to run around and get hot and sweaty. So maybe they'll be okay," said teacher Allison Starr.

But the administrative staff is doing what they can to keep things cool. "First thing we started doing is pump as much cold air from the gym, down the hallways to the affected classrooms. We also had additional fans brought in," said Whitfield.

Teachers will also do their part. "We'll definitely make sure that they get regular water breaks and if anyone is looking too hot or exhausted they will go to an air conditioned room," said Starr.

The kids with classes in this hall won't have to wear uniforms until the air is fixed. Teachers will also get a more relaxed dress code. "Probably a lot of sun dresses, linen dresses, and sleeveless shirts," said Starr.

Six homerooms are located on this hall with most of them being kindergarten. Will the hot conditions hurt their first impressions of school?

"Well they really have nothing to compare it to. So hopefully, they will come in and be excited to see their rooms," said Whitfield.

"It'll be okay. It's just another thing they will have to get accustomed to, just like their first day of school. It'll just be another little bump in the road we will have to conquer," said Starr.

There will be other air conditioned rooms at Lake Park for those classes in the heat to move to when it gets too unbearable. Teachers want the students to start and end the year in their original classrooms so that they will be used to it.

Students in those classrooms will be allowed to keep water bottles with them. The units are expected to be installed within the next two weeks.


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