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Bainbridge figures cost on sewer projects

August 6, 2007

Bainbridge-- It's a project that's not supposed to be finished for 20 years.   Now though, city officials are looking into options that would allow them to complete it in just four. 

City Manager Chris Hobby says 80% of Bainbridge is already served by the city's sewer system, and they want the remainder covered as soon as possible. "Obviously we'd rather have everybody on sanitary sewer rather than septic tanks because of the environmental issues surrounding septic tanks and the fact that its a consumptive use of water," says Hobby.

 A master plan devised 10 years ago to fully extend the sewer system to the city limits is    slow going with one project completed every other year.  "What we've started looking at is how can we speed up the rate at which we're doing sewer projects," Hobby explains.

The city has $14 million worth of work left if they can complete it in 4 years.  They're looking at 2 options. "What we've talked about doing is either doing a bond where we issue bond debt, or maybe even a GEFA loan, a Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority loan," says Hobby. 

At the same time, the city plans to make some much needed improvements to their water treatment plant.  Hobby says of the building, "It's functioned extremely well but it is a 30 year old facility, and its needing about $2 million worth of upgrades right now."  Along with $2 million for the water system, a grand total of $18 million is needed to complete the projects.

"It's not so much the amount of pipe that needs to be laid its just where the pipe needs to go at this point," Hobby says.  The main areas that still need pipe laid are older, well-established neighborhoods, and construction projects in these areas can be costly.

But Hobby says if they spread it out over twenty years, prices will only go up.  The city council will decide later this month what route to take. If they issue bonds, they plan to use revenue from their special local option sales tax to pay off the debt.



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