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Entering auto thefts on the rise

August 5, 2007

Albany -- Six months ago Reginald Burkes' car was broken into at a local night club parking lot. "They took my CD player, CDs, cell phone and stuff like that."

After the incident Reginald didn't even bother to report it. "A friend of mine also had his car broken into a couple months before, and he reported it and never got it resolved. So I didn't even go through the trouble," said Burkes.

Police say a lot of victims of this crime don't come forward. Many victims also don't lock their car doors. "80 percent of the incidents that we worked on with entering-autos were unlocked vehicles," said Albany Police Corporal Darryl Jones.

A simple step that could have prevented the crime from happening. "Sometimes you are careless and sometimes you just don't feel like it," said shopper Tony Hill.

But not feeling like locking your doors can cost you; giving you a different feeling. "I was just devastated and baffled that now I have someone always help me keep an eye out for me," said Burkes.

Police say that doing little things that only take a little bit of time can save you from this trouble.

"The first tip is that all people should lock there doors. Do not leave valuables in the seats. No CDs, pocket books or anything that someone might steal. Park your cars in well-lit areas and don't park them overnight in department stores lots. Take your keys with you and don't leave your car running," said Corporal Jones.

All of these minor things that can will save you from this heartache. "It's hard when you are working hard and someone comes in and takes your things like that. Its hard," said Burkes.

Officers say that doing these minor things every time can keep you from being the next target.

Many Georgians don't know, but it is against state law to keep your keys in the car running unattended as well. This law is supposed to help prevent auto-thefts in the state.

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