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RvierQuarium supported on airwaves, sound stage

August 3, 2007

Albany --Three Albany radio stations spent the day drumming up support for the Flint Riverquarium, and the fundraising continued into the night.

Cumulus Stations K-Country 104, Mix 107, and Rock 103 held a day long Radio-Thon asking listeners to pledge their support for the financially struggling Riverquarium. In exchange for donations, supporters got coupons to the Riverquarium. Many stopped by the Riverquarium to drop off checks and see the attraction.

Managers say the support has been encouraging.  "The Riverquarium belongs to the community, so it's embracing it, it's expressing its support through an event like today, so it just pleases us very much here at the Riverquarium to know that what we're doing is appreciated by this community," said Flint Riverquarium CEO Scott Loehr.  

The fundraising effort will continue tonight with a four hour concert featuring the J-Blues Band at the State Theater. The concert starts at 8:00 and tickets are $10.00.

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