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Gym owner's inspiring story inspires others to get fit

August 3, 2007

Valdosta - There's a new gym in town that's unlike any other in Valdosta.  "It combines four different intervals. Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastic movements, metabolic conditioning," says Trainer Trebor Marple.

The combinations mean you won't do the same routine for up to two months. Which keeps, gym goers like Eric Castor inspired to keep up on his workouts.  "Everyday is a different workout so I don't get bored. I use to go to conventional gyms and after a couple of moths, it just gets old."

But it's the story behind gym that's truly inspiring. Crossfit Valdosta owner Trebor Marple may look active now. But that was far from the case just three years ago.  "I got hit by an older gentleman in his full size truck at about 70 miles per hour. I had a spinal injury and the doctor told me I was never going to walk again."

His background as a personal trainer kept him going and determined to never give up.  "I pushed and was determined and put a lot of work in rehab. There was pain and suffering but here's the end result."

He's now back on his feet and using many of his rehabilitation exercises to motivate others into shape.  "When I first started here I didn't really know his story. The more I hear about it, the more impressive and inspiring he really is," Castor says.

And show them being active and on your feet is something that should never be taken for granted.


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