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Getting more electronically on tax-free week

August 2, 2007

Albany -- Tiffany Bradley is buying some of her 13 year-old daughter's school supplies today. She also hopes to make a bigger purchase.

"The more experience you have on a computer, the better for school," said Bradley.

Tiffany has been looking at several. She has been doing some comparative shopping to get the best deal on her first family computer.

"Trying to take her to the library and stuff like that on days when I am at work; I can't do it," Bradley said. "So having one at the house will be more convenient."

And this week computers and accessories under  $1500 will be tax exempt. The best way to get more bang for your buck when you are computer shopping is to look for in store sales.

You should look for some rebates as well. Sales associates also say to look-out for printed ads.

"If they are really trying to get the most for their money, they need to look at our weekly specials," said Staples Easy Tech, Chris Wiggins. "Some weeks we may be focusing on Compaq on another it may be HP."

Shoppers should also look out for packaged deals. "Some may be with bundle packages. So if you pick up a printer with it you may also be able to save twenty to thirty or even fifty dollars on it," said Wiggins.

With some time and effort this week, parents buying their first computer or are looking to upgrade should be able to get a great deal.

Not all electronics will be tax-free. Cell phones, digital cameras, and some other gadgets and software are not exempt.


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