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Some clerks continue underage-sales

August 1, 2007

Albany -- An undercover alcohol sting in Albany and Dougherty County results in charges against several restaurant and store employees.  

The Albany Dougherty Drug Unit visited 72 businesses last week to see how many would sell alcohol to an underaged buyer. Turns out 29 store clerks sold alcohol to the undercover cops.  That's 44% of the stores they visited.

Officers say five store clerks sold the alcohol even after checking for an ID. "It is the most preventable crime that we have, and we are going to seriously pursue it because lives are that valuable and we have lost to many lives to alcohol and alcohol related instances here in Dougherty County already," District Attorney Ken Hodges said.

Some of the businesses caught are repeat violators, and they could have their alcohol licenses suspended.

Prosecutors are issuing warrants against the employees who made the illegall sales and hope they will turn themselves in.


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