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Be ready to show ID at the polls

July 31, 2007

Albany--  Election officials are getting ready to require all voters to show photo identification at the polls.

Judges have tossed out the requirement before but the latest version of the law was upheld by the Georgia Supreme Court last month. The state is now starting an aggressive campaign to educate voters about what they'll need beginning with September special elections.

In Dougherty County, elections won't be held until November. You'll need either a Georgia driver's license, a state or U.S. photo ID, a passport, government employee or Military ID or a valid tribal ID card with a photo.

"If persons don't have any of those sorts of ID, they can come here to our office. We do issue. The state still has the state-issued ID for voting only so if they don't have the photo ID, we can issue them one," said Dougherty County Election Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher."

Hatcher says you'll need to apply for that ID at least two weeks before the November election. Election day is November 6th.



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