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Dairy prices set to rise

July 31, 2007

Albany--  Forget three dollars for a gallon of gas. Your next sticker shock might be five bucks for a gallon of milk.

Consumer experts predict that will be the cost by the end of the summer. It could even affect how much you pay at your favorite coffee or ice cream shop. This month, Starbucks announced they'll raise prices by 9-cents, partly because of dairy prices.

Maggie-Moo's owner Lew Culpepper says so far rising dairy prices haven't affected his business but he's bracing for it.

"Right now we're just trying to look at all our expenses, our personnel and everything else to try and trim as much cost as we can so we don't have to raise prices but that's a possibility in the future that we may have to," said Culpepper.

Higher prices for corn which is used to feed cows is partly to blame for the increase.  

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