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Save water, help Georgia

July 31, 2007

Albany - - Because of Georgia's Level Two Drought, we've all had to change the way we water our lawns. One Albany Tech instructor is encouraging people to use an old irrigation method that helps conserve water. He's teaching his students about "drip" irrigation so that one day, they can offer the service to you. 

A drip here, a drip there. "This is drip irrigation what were doing now," says student Lakeema West.

He's one of several Albany Tech students learning how to make water work. "The whole concept is to water all of the plants."

With as little water as possible. Drip Irrigation or Micro Irrigation is nothing new. But with our statewide water restrictions, instructor George Paul says the system can help you be more environmentally friendly.

"It's very inexpensive compared to conventional irrigation," Paul says.

But don't be fooled by its name. Proponents say Drip irrigation can provide necessary water for grass and plants.

"That's the ideal thing about this. You're getting the proper amount of water in the proper place. You're actually applying it to the plant and it's not running off somewhere else in the landscape," Paul adds.

Components of the system are measured to provide a conservative amount of water at different timed intervals. Paul wants his students to learn it well because one day they'll be professionals.

"Because we are mindful of the drought problems were having and all of the water restrictions and that kind of thing we also encourage our students to use drip irrigation/micro irrigation," he says.

West student seems to be making the grade. "I'll know how to install this into a home landscape."

And it could be for you. 

Instructor Paul says many people have a wrong impression about watering. He says it's better to water heavily but not frequently. He says watering once or twice a week is better then watering five days a week.



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