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Blazer pride on your bumper

July 31, 2007

By Lindsey Fergeson

Valdosta - Soon, blazer pride will be displayed throughout the state.

Valdosta State University met its quota for the "tag, you're it" campaign to offer VSU license plates to students and alumni.

They began the campaign this year and needed a minimum of 500 applicants to get the plates printed in the state.

By Tuesday's deadline, they had nearly 600 and expect more people to purchase the plates when they're available next year.  "The good news is thanks to those people who went ahead and did the paperwork this year, any Georgia resident can just walk in and get one next year so they'll be available the first of January," says Mary Gooding from VSU's Alumni Office.

After the first of the year, the plates can be purchased at any tag office for an extra 25 dollars.


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