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Rep. 'Buddy' Carter comments on dog fighting

July 31, 2007
by State Rep. Earl L. 'Buddy' Carter  
Unfortunately, Georgia lags in efforts to toughen anti-dogfighting laws
State Rep. Earl L. (Buddy) Carter writes that Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick has been indicted for running a dog-fighting ring on property he owns in Virginia. As a result of the indictment, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has instructed Vick not to report to the Falcon's pre-season camp until the league reviews the charges against him.

Traditionally associated with rural settings, dogfighting has now moved to the inner city where gangs are increasing involved. Many dogfighting raids have turned up drugs and weapons as well as gambling money.

These gruesome revelations of the underground world of dogfighting have brought renewed attention to the need of broadening the laws prohibiting this practice.

Unfortunately, the state of Georgia has lagged behind in its efforts to toughen anti-dogfighting laws.
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