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Not cool to leave kids in hot cars

July 29, 2007

Albany -- Deann Pepito has four children : thirteen, ten, eight and three. She admits that they make running errands challenging.

"It would be easy to want to leave them in the car, but you just don't. So you have to plan around your day what you are going to be able to do," said Pepito.

But many do leave their children in cars thinking they'll be back before any serious damage can occur. "With the heat the way it is right now, it can be really bad really fast," said Dougherty County EMS Supervisor, Hal Pinson. "If its 90 degrees, inside the car it can be 110 or 120 degrees in a matter of minutes."

A child exposed to those high temperatures won't take long before getting seriously sick. "You go into what is called heat exhaustion first which is pretty bad. And then it goes into a heat stroke. You can die from a heat stroke," said Pinson.

And many children have with those numbers getting higher and higher. "It's easy for some people to want to just go into the gas station and just leave them," said Pepito. 

But the convenience is never worth the potential risk. "You should always take your kids with you especially in this heat and especially with the power doors and stuff like that," said Pepito.

"It's really unsafe to leave a child in a vehicle. Too many things can happen with the vehicle itself, much less with the heat," said Pinson.

No matter what you have planned or how little time you think it will take; its important to protect your most precious cargo, your kids.

Paramedics advise anyone who comes across a child left in a car to immediately call public safety or the police.


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