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World Vision mentor future community leaders

July 26, 2007

Albany -- Music filled the air as a community joined to acknowledge mentors and its future leaders. World Vision partnered with the Albany community to provide mentoring for Dougherty children in need.

"We help people understand that they can be advocates of their community. So we go in and train. We provide training; we provide technical assistance," said Executive Director of World Vision -- Albany, Margaret Taylor.

And this year ten students under went 15 weeks of training to become leaders in their neighborhoods . The training ended with a trip to the nation's capitol.

"They were scheduled to go to Washington D.C. to meet with other young people around the nation; as well as present a policy recommendation to their senator and their congressman," said Taylor.

And Thursday night was their night to be honored for their summer work in leadership.

"We think they are the future leaders, and they need to be empowered to understand their community and make change. These young people have done that," said National Vice President of World Vision U.S. Programs, Romanita Hairston.

The students are ready to make their mark. "One change I really want to see is more people graduating. There are to many people dropping out," said student Shawn Dunbar.

Whether it's education or gang violence, these students are ready to take on the issues. And the adults who helped them get there are proud.

World Vision first came to Albany to help with flood relief in 1994 and '98. The group also provides school supplies to those in need each year. Anyone who would like to help donate can call 439-7101.


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