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If you file an appeal, you better show up

July 26, 2007

Albany - A word of warning to disgruntled property owners in Dougherty County:  If you appeal your tax assessment but skip the hearing, you lose your rights to that appeal. 

Thursday, the Board of Equalization was set to hear 51 appeals. Only four property owners showed up. The owners, along with the tax department, made their cases for why the value should stand or be changed.

For the other 47 appeals, only the tax department was represented and won by default. Now those property owners can't even appeal to Superior Court. Board member Harry Futral said, "If you're not defending yourself, you really have no recourse."

If you appeal to the board of equalization and miss your hearing, you forfeit your appeal. If a hearing is scheduled and you can't make it, you must call in advance to reschedule, but you only have the right to change the hearing date once.

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