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Dogs seized from unlicensed breeder

July 26, 2007

Lee County  -- An unlicensed dog breeder is busted in Lee County, where 42 small dogs were living in filth.

Seven of the dogs have been put to sleep, and eight others may survive, and 25 others desperately need homes.

Some are feisty, others laid back, some downright playful and now 25 dogs of 42 seized from an unlicensed Lee County breeder need a home. 

Neighbor complaints lead Animal Control to their pens Wednesday. "The odor was very strong before I even got to the pens," said Lee County Animal Control Officer Jackie Grigg. "They were literally walking and living in their own feces."

Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Poodles, ShihTzus, and more were found living in deplorable conditions. 

"The original intent was to breed them or sell the puppies, but in this particular case they did not meet all of the criteria they should meet," said Lee County Public Works Director William Clark.

That's because in Lee County, a county ordinance only allows four dogs or cats per household.  Above that, if you're a breeder, you must get a business license and the state requires a kennel license.  This family had neither, but the laws are in place for a reason.

"Protections of the people and the animals, the well being of the animals, the neighbors surrounding them, and of course naturally any health issues that may go along with that," Clark says. 

Lee County can't handle all of the dogs, so they've been split up between Animal Control and the Albany Humane Society, but most of the survivors are in relatively good shape.

"If you can see this [sore] on her eye, it's not mange it's from living in the feces and a little medicated bath will make the hair grow back," said Grigg.
And now looking for a new home and someone to love. 

Two of the dogs belonged to a Worth County woman and those dogs were returned to her.  If you're interested in adopting anyone of the dogs you can contact Lee County Animal Control at (229) 759-6037.


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