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Two teens beaten in home invasion

July 25, 2007

Albany -- An East Albany family will move. They're afraid after three masked men beat two teenagers in a brazen home invasion robbery Monday afternoon.

 14-year old Greg Hightower was hit in the head with a shotgun when the three armed robbers burst into his home on Holland Drive about 2:30 in the afternoon. Hightower says his friend Keron Sampson was hit with a crowbar and beaten. The attackers locked both teens a bathroom.

The armed robbers had their faces covered with T-shirts. They ransacked the house and stole a reported 10-thousand dollars in jewelry and 15-hundred dollars worth of clothes. Hightower says he was not badly hurt but is still frightened. Hightower said "yea, they put that gun to my head and said they were going to kill me."

Hightower said he did not recognize the robbers but thinks they are from the neighborhood.  His parents say they plan to move.


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