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Recall depletes food bank's stock

July 25, 2007  

Thomasville-- The shelves at the Thomas County food bank are always stocked full with non-perishable foods that add up to well-balanced diets. 

"Meat is very important for our clients because this is something that's very expensive for them to buy," explains food bank founder and president, Maryline Smith.

Castleberry products are a huge source for those canned meats they rely on to feed their clients.  So when word got out some of their products were being recalled, alarms went off for many of the volunteers.   "My first concern was of course, how fast can we get it off the shelves and how much have we given away at the food bank," says volunteer Kirk Beckham.

Food bank volunteers quickly removed hundreds of the cans from their shelves. Now their concern is to get the word out to their customers that may have taken the product home before it was recalled.  "We'll post signs, and then when they're interviewed, we'll talk about it," says Smith.

Besides the several hundred cans pulled from the shelves, the food bank has a warehouse filled with more boxes of meat they'll have to sort through.  "Here's a hot dog chili sauce that's a generic label from a major discount change but we pulled it because we don't know where it came from.  So, we'd rather be, the old adage, safe than sorry," says Beckham. 

The loss for the food bank though is apparent.  "As you'll some of our shelves are vacant, but we have been busy trying to restock with products that are safe for our clients," Smith says.  For now they'll supplement the recalled products with other canned meats like tuna and salmon, but they'll need food and monetary donations to do it.

"I think we're still in pretty good shape, but its going to hurt. Its gonna hurt," says Beckham.  As long as they can continue to feed their clients safely, food bank volunteers say they'll make due without the Castleberry products.  

 "It's unfortunate and I'm sure they will correct it, but like I said in the meantime we want our clients to be aware of this," says Smith.  And hope their empty shelves, will soon be filled again with the help of the community.

You can send donations to:

Thomas County Food Bank
P.O. Box 2422
Thomasville, Georgia 31799




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