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Lee commissioners approve consolidation study, benefits

July 24, 2007

Lee County--  The same group who studied whether Albany and Dougherty County should consolidate will now look at possible consolidation of emergency services in Lee County.

Tuesday night, county commissioners voted to hire the Carl Vinson Institute of Government to study the possibility of cross-training fire and EMS workers. The institute will review the pros and cons of combining the departments.

The study will cost $15,800 and will come from the Fire Department budget. It should be complete by December.

Also at the meeting, commissioners decided that two part-time Lee County workers will now have the same benefits as full-time employees in the county.  

County commissioners cut health insurance benefits for part-time employees from this year's budget. Two weeks ago, Indigent Defense Attorney Patrick Eidson and County Prosecutor Hugh Morris both appealed to commissioners to re-instate their benefits. They say insurance coverage was part of the appeal of the job.

Commissioner Dennis Roland said those benefits were not advertised with the jobs but commissioners did vote to give the benefits back.

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