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Lee impact fees could soon be no more

July 24, 2007

Lee County--  A year ago Lee County leaders started charging impact fees for residential and business development. Now they say they may need to do away with those fees to attract more development.

A North Carolina company wants to build a distribution center in the Oakland Meadows Business Park. But they say they will only make the deal if the county waives $160,000 in impact fees.

Tuesday night, Commissioner Ed Duffy said the county shouldn't stop there.

"I made a motion to eliminate impact fees in Lee County immediately simply because we can not survive in this county without commercial or industrial growth. We need to broaden our tax base. We can not put this complete burden on the taxpayers. Without commercial or industrial growth, we can't survive in Lee County," said Duffy.

The commission held off on waiving that fee for Core Development. They'll consider a new ordinance to eliminate all the fees. If Core Development builds in Lee County, it would bring in about $125,000 a year in property taxes.

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