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School supplies can be costly

July 24, 2007

Albany--  Parents get your calculators and checkbooks ready. The first day of school is right around the corner. That means it's time to buy items on that back to school shopping list. WALB takes a look at how much it might set you back.

It's another year and another start for the Williams family. "Just trying to get a jump on the school supplies, that's all," said parent Willie Harrison.

6-year-old Shaneka is ready to shop and she's ready for her first day in second grade. "You learn about stuff and the teacher tells you what to do," said Shaneka.

For that to happen, she needs lots of supplies and it's a long list. "Paper, pencils, scissors, glue and pencil sharpener, pens and erasers," said Shaneka.

Her father has a budget.

"At least $50 on my little girl and about $70 on my big girl," said Harrison.

Supplies can get a bit pricey for parents so we got a list and a cart to see just how much it may cost you. We randomly chose Sherwood Acres First Grade supply list as our guide, a list of nearly 40 items.

On the list is notebook paper, four packs of that. Also listed are four packs of crayons and even things like 2 large bottles of hand sanitizer and 2 boxes of tissue. So our cart was filled with supplies.  It was now time for checkout.

"$169.84," said the cashier. 

That's much more than Willie Harrison budgeted for two daughters. And looks like we even exceeded Shaneka's estimated budget.

We asked her, "How much do you think it will cost your Dad?"

"75 dollars," said Shaneka.

Hopefully her father fares better, along with you, on your back to school shopping quest.

Store employees say the best way to get more for your money and to spend less is to look for those sale items. And don't forget the sales tax holiday is coming up August 2nd through 5th.


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