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Sherwood's film debut in re-release

July 24, 2007

Albany -- Following the success of the religious film Facing the Giants, Sony Pictures is re-releasing Sherwood Baptist Church's first film production, Flywheel.

Flywheel: Directors Cut will be released in stores across the nation November 13th. The movie was made on a $20,000 budget and released in April 2003.

The entire film was made by Sherwood Baptist Church members and ministers. It is the story of an Albany car salesman who rediscovers his faith in God, altering his life.

Sherwood Baptist Associate Minister Stephen Kendrick says the Director's Cut DVD will have several improvements. "They are color correcting Flywheel. They are adding better sound effects and some things like that. Adding a director's commentary. It will be a director's cut version. A new cover on it, adding a couple of extra languages."

Flywheel played in Albany's Carmike Theatre for six weeks, outselling several Hollywood movies. Sherwood's second movie, Facing the Giants , earned more than ten million dollars at the box office, spurring interest in Flywheel.  

The Kendricks are currently still writing Sherwood's third movie. It has the working title Fireproof, and Kendrick says the story will revolve around a firefighter.

Kendrick says they hope to release the film in the Fall of 2008.  


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