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Lowndes County woman's bank account information sold

July 24, 2007

Lowndes County - A Lowndes County woman is one of over two million people who's bank account and credit card information was sold by a check authorization company.

26 year-old Christy McLeod received a letter from Certegy Check Services stating her banking information was believed to have been sold to some marketing organizations.

In a statement, Certegy says an employee illegally sold the information and since has been terminated.

They do not have any evidence of identity theft but are asking those with stolen information to closely monitor their accounts.  "Once they have your personal information and coralate it with other information, then its no problem for them to go into your personal accounts whatever they are and where ever they are. Especially if you use retailors who've used this company," says Jim Harnage, McLeod's father.

They believe they were lucky in receiving notification of the incident but say many people in South Georgia may be affected and not notified.

Anyone believing they might be at risk should reviewing account statements and monitoring free credit reports for the next 24 months.

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