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Warning signs for botulism

June 23, 2007

Albany-  More than 90-varieties of chili sauce, hash, and other canned meat products are now a part of an expanded recall from a Georgia plant. If you're worried that you've been sickened from Castleberry Foods products, the health department has a list of symptoms to watch for.

An Atlanta woman was hospitalized after eating what may be tainted chili. WALB has also had calls from an Albany family who felt ill after eating the chili sauce. According to the health department there are no confirmed cases of botulism in Georgia, but you should be cautious of the following symptoms.

"Drooping eye lids, difficulty swallowing, any type of weakness in muscles, eventually that can actually go from head to toe, to numbness, paralysis, as well as difficulty breathing," said Dr. Jacqueline Grant, District Health Director.

Symptoms can develop as early as six hours after ingesting the botulism or as late as 10 days. The recent recall was also expanded to include several types of natural balance dog food.  You can find more information on the recall at www.castleberrys.com

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